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Jitender Girdhar

Jitender Girdhar is a published author, a renowned thought leader, NLP Professional, and an entrepreneur. His contributions to multiple disciplines broadly address the narratives of human behavior. He is best known for his articles on Mind & Body, Human Behaviour, and Cricket; published by The Times of India.

He studied entrepreneurship at ‘IIM Calcutta’ and was awarded ‘Fellowship’ by esteemed Institutions from Australia and United Kingdom (UK). On the professional front, he leads a couple of consulting businesses serving the international market and has been serving this industry for More than 20 Years. He is an ardent reader and a sports fanatic.

Jitender Girdhar is a name among millions who had oodles of struggles & failures but surged ahead in the process of finding their own path. Just like any other lower-middle-class guy, he too had vague dreams and cloudy vision in life. Paddling through the ups & downs of life with the endless learning attitude, and with the passion for reading and having traveled across various countries, he has tons of experiences to share through his articles and upcoming books.

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